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International & National Flags

The use of modern materials and traditional methods to produce quality international and national flags ensures unsurpassed colour fastness and length of life.

From our extensive stock, we are able to supply national flags of any country. National flags tend to vary in shape and proportion. The normal practice when national flags of different nations are flown together is for them to be made to suit the flag of the host country.

In the UK we supply flags to match the Union Jack (2:1 proportion) unless requested otherwise. You may consider changing the proportions of your national flags to match those of the host nation as a sign of courtesy if you are considering purchasing flags for use overseas.

International and national flags prices will depend upon a number of factors such as shape & size, the amount of material used and the complexity of the design.

National Flags for Hire

We can supply a range of national flags for hire on a weekly basis. The main stock is held in 2 yard size with a few available in 2½ and 3 yard sizes.

Sizing of National Flags

The best way to estimate a flags size to go on top of a building is to draw a scale diagram to show the height of the building and the size of the flagstaff or flagpole to be used. It is then a simple matter to draw suitably sized national flags. Don't forget to take account of any supporting stays or struts which could foul the flag when it is limp against the flagstaff or flagpole.

When national flags are to fly from a flagstaff or flagpole set in the ground it is suggested that one yard of flag should be allowed for each 10' of staff or pole. A 25' staff or pole would therefore need a 2.5 yard flag and a 40' staff or pole, a 4 yard flag.

National Flags Protocol

Where there are two or more flagpoles next to one another, and one is taller than the others, the home national flag should be flown from the tallest. If there are multiple flagpoles of the same height, the home national flag should be flown from the flagpole on the left when facing a building.

Subject to the above, we suggest all other national flags should be placed from the left in alphabetical order.

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