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George Tutill can supply a wide range of flagpoles and flagstaffs in glassfibre, aluminium and timber with all the accessories needed to make your flag fly correctly.

Aluminium Flagpoles & Flagstaffs

The aluminium flagpoles & flagstaffs can be supplied either in one piece with a hinged baseplate or ground sleeve or in two sections for ease of carriage complete with ground sleeves.

Wall Mounted Flagpoles & Flagstaffs

We are able to supply several sizes of wall mounted flagpoles & flagstaffs. Normal sizes range from 2 metre upwards using simple vertical, 45 or 60 degree hot galvanised bracket fixed with 4 bolts.

Flagpoles for Hire

Exterior Flagpoles

Our portable flagpoles are a smart matt silver finish aluminium and are supplied in sections for easy in site installation. They are available in either 15ft or 20ft height with a range of base options to suit either hard or soft ground.

For street branding and larger events we can supply a range of larger flagpoles with heavy cast concrete bases, suitable for public areas and major events.

Interior Flagpoles

Made from Natural wood, economic indoor flagpoles are 8' in height and come complete with a dummy truckhead and floor base.

Glassfibre Flagpoles

Using modern materials and our years of craftsmanship we have the finest tapered, white glassfibre flagpoles. These are stronger than steel with a greater tensile strength than aluminium. The glassfibre flagpoles will allow 'give' in winds of up to 100 mph and they will always return to the vertical. Additionally, glassfibre flagpoles require the minimum of maintenance to keep their bright and clean appearance.

Portable Flagpoles & Flagstaffs

Portable 5' sectional alloy flagpoles, which when assembled are 15' or 20' high, come complete with a variety of bases to suit any site where they are to be used:

  • Guy ropes, pegs and baseplate for grass areas
  • Pegged baseplate for limited grass area
  • Triangular base for use under car wheel on hard surfaces

Timber Flagpoles & Flagstaffs

Timber flagpoles are made from British Columbian Pine and are supplied primed and painted white complete with single sheaved hardwood truck, polyester halyard and galvanised steel cleat.

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