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Desk Flags

The demand for desk flags and stands has greatly increased with the growth in the number of conferences, international meetings and formal dinner functions now taking place.

We have a huge stock of desk flags for almost every country in the world at 6" x 3" and over 80 principal countries at 9" x 4.5". We can also manufacture desk flags in your company's corporate identity, for advertising campaigns or even in your local sport or hobby club colours.

Corporate Desk Flags

Using Desk flags to project your corporate logo or symbol is an excellent way to reinforce your company brand in your clients mind. They also make ideal gifts or as centre pieces in the work area.

Desk Flags

A lot of care and effort goes into the production of all our desk flags to ensure that the design is always visible. By using a special cloth and sewing method, we can get the flags to 'curl' always showing your design in the best light.

Desk Flags as Promotional Items

Promotional items make an ideal presentation gift which will serve to remind the recipient of the event for many years to come.

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