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Corporate Flags

Tutill Flags specialise in producing custom made corporate flags. We can use a variety of manufacturing techniques the best of which are chosen to suit the design requirement based on the usage and quantity required.


Small quantity orders are best suited to applique work and hand painting. Where a large quantity of corporate flags are required, they are normally dyeprinted. There are always exceptions to this and our experienced sales team will be happy to discuss with you the most economical and suitable method for your requirements.

Single / Double Thickness

It is a popular misconception that corporate flags should be read from both sides. Flags should fly in as light a breeze as possible and do not always extend in the same direction.

However, to produce a flag that can be read correctly from both sides, there will be additional weight on the flag (making it more difficult to fly in a light breeze) and there will be additional costs involved in manufacturing and sewing together a double thickness flag.

Corporate flags can be produced in all shapes to complement the style of your company symbol or logo.

Design of Corporate Flags

The design of the corporate flags should be as bold and uncomplicated as possible. When the corporate flags are flying in the wind (thereby constantly moving), the design should be easily recognisable.


Slight differences in shades are not as noticeable 20 feet in the air as they are on a letterheading or business cards. The most economical method of manufacture is therefore generally by appliquing pre-dyed materials. However specific shades are possible by handpainting or dyeprinting techniques.

If you are looking to screenprint your corporate flags be sure to use a specialist company like ourselves or the end result may be disappointing, as the corporate flags are often less flexible than anticipated.

To achieve the best possible results for your corporate flags, the correct choice of colours is vital and we will be happy to advise you on the best techniques for your requirements.

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