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Ceremonial Banners

Ceremonial banners are produced from the finest materials including woven flag bunting and Silk. These Heraldic Banners are historically used to display the Arms on Noblemen in important buildings. Our Ceremonial Banners hang in St Georges Chapel Windsor and Westminster Abbey. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure accurate reproduction of the design, and they are manufactured to last a lifetime.

Our experience in producing ceremonial banners can help determine the base material that should be used you meet your requirements.

Whether you design the ceremonial banners yourself or you use the skills of our in-house studio, our artists and production staff will always lend their experience and expertise to ensure your banner perfectly suits your requirements.

Using a range of materials from flame retardant cotton to silk, we employ a variety of image transfer techniques including signwriting, dyeing, screenprinting, hand sewing, applique or digital printing.

Trade Union & Masonic Ceremonial Banners

George Tutill have been producing Trade Union and Masonic ceremonial banners that are hand painted onto pure silk for over 150 years.

We are understandably very proud that we are now one of the only few companies in the world that can still offer this skill. As an indication of the quality of our work, we are still repairing & maintaining ceremonial banners that were produced over 50+ years ago.

Heraldic Flags & Ceremonial Banners

We can supply a range of authentic ceremonial banners for the medieval Knights of the Garter. These beautiful designs measure 42" x 42" and are printed onto knitted polyester with gold fringe on three sides.

In addition, we can also supply bespoke heraldic and historical flags, ceremonial banners and pennants, produced in either appliqu├ęd, hand painted or print on a range of fabrics such as Silk, Rayon, Raycott, and Polyesters.

Over the years we have supplied some of the finest churches, chapels and royal houses in the land such as Westminster Abbey & St Georges Chapel in Windsor with magnificent products (see images above) and we would be happy to advise you on the most suitable methods of production and layout of your requirements.

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